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In today's world, a devotional can serve as an additional dose of biblical truths and teachings. 

Together, we will explore real love, enhanced self-worth, true friendships, apologetics, forgiveness, and much more. My heart's desire is for you to start each day with knowledge and wisdom that will fuel your desire to live in God's presence.

Go deeper with Jesus in 2017. Please join us on this journey beginning July 3rd. And, be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel for the weekly video devotionals. 

- Chelsi Bennett

What is "Life with Chelsi?"

"Life with Chelsi" is a weekly devotional that focuses on issues that impact the lives of Christian millennial women. The project is relaunching Monday, July 3, 2017 as a vlog.

"Life with Chelsi" will provide inspirational, biblical teachings to help young women who desire to grow more intimate in their relationship with Jesus.

Who should listen to "Life with Chelsi"?

Women who desire to grow more intimate in their relationship with Jesus while exploring everyday issues through a deep dive into scripture. I highly encourage you to take a few minutes afterwards for quiet time (mediate on the scripture, hear God's voice for you, and journal).

Where can I listen to "Life with Chelsi"?

You can find the weekly devotions on the "Life with Chelsi" YouTube page or  "The Return RVA" app.

Download "The Return RVA" app for iOS and Android.