Chelsi is often asked, “When did you become a Republican?" Her answer, “I’ve always been one!” 

Bennett is the first conservative in her family.  The conservative principles and values she shares with so many Americans are what have given Henry the strength and determination to pursue her dreams. As an African-American and a woman, Chelsi is proud of the freedoms championed by the Republican Party. She stands with conservative leaders and supports less intrusive government ideals.  Henry serves and leads with conservative principles. 

Chelsi's Conservative Values:

  • Lower taxes

  • Smaller Government

  • School Choice

  • Upholding the United States Constitution, including the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

  • National Defense

  • Freedom of Speech and of the Press

  • Safeguarding Religious Liberties

  • Maintaining the Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life

  • Preserving Traditional Marriage

As a leader within her community, Chelsi served as the Chief of Staff for a national and state republican organization. The goal of these organizations were to educate, train and equip minority Republicans for public service and party activism. Henry's role as Chief of Staff was to ensure minority Republicans were well-represented on the ballot and throughout conservative leadership. 

Bennett is also the former President of the Joseph E. Lee Republican Club in Jacksonville, FL. The JEL Club was founded in 2005 with the purpose to increase minority participation in the Republican Party. Additionally, she was a member of the Duval County Republican Executive Committee.

Chelsi has been described as a "dynamic, motivating" speaker. She has spoken to many conservative groups including the RPOF Executive Committee and Republicans clubs across Florida, where she shares her background and values and provides outreach strategies to assist groups in expanding their message to the minority community. Chelsi has also co-hosted radio shows with national coverage: "What's the Buzz" and "Just Speak Up." Chelsi has been featured in Seventeen magazine and Glamour magazine, and on BET, MTV, TvOne, to name a few.



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